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Posted on Tue, Jan, 25, 2011 @ 22:01 PM

Welcome to the new Highwinds.com. At first glance, the site may look similar to the Highwinds.com you’ve visited for the past year. Stylistically we made few changes. However, I’d like to point out what’s new on the site.

1.NEW PRODUCTS: In July 2010, Highwinds acquired BandCon. With the acquisition we added a new suite of services to our CDN offering. On the new site you can learn about the Highwinds System Suite and products including IP Transit, Transport, Peering and Colocation. You will also notice that the BandCon.com website now redirects you to Highwinds. We’ve absorbed the brand, integrated the networks, combined the personnel and all products are now offered under the Highwinds name.

2. INDUSTRIES SECTION: We’ve learned that many of our customers like to view the specific offerings for their industry, so we developed content for the new site that is relevant to specific sub-sets of our customers.

3. TWITTER: We’ve added a link for you to find us on Twitter. If you aren’t currently following Highwinds, please check us out here: http://twitter.com/Highwinds_

4. BLOG: You’ve already found the Blog. We’ll be keeping you updated on product launches, events we’ll be attending, and all other newsworthy items here on the Highwinds Blog.

Thank you for checking out the new site. As always, I welcome your feedback. Please send notes and ideas to me directly at jay.moore@highwinds.com.


Jay Moore

Director of Marketing

Topics: Blog


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